Recurring nightmare reliving being dumped?

Things wernt right before we left or arrived on holiday. He told me when we arrived he didn't know what he wanted. Distant and cold most of the holiday he broke up with me 2 days before we left.

I am devastated. Its been 2 weeks and since I have been having recurring night mares about being away on holiday with him and being dumped. Nearly every time I sleep. Also sometimes dreaming we are together and happy. But mostly reliving being stuck in a foreign country and being dumped. I get no peace or rest from my heart break.

Anyone had nightmares after break up that won't go away or stop?

Its like post traumatic stress.


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  • Yeah. I got dumped at Subway. I had dreams about it for quite some time. Sucked. But I got past it, and you will, too.


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