Girls, She said she needed space, now getting to know a new guy but we still talk. How do I regain her interest?

So we talked for almost two years by text and so on. It was distance most of the time. She lives in Canada and I in the U. S. Things were actually pretty good when we first started talking. It was random, I didn't have feelings for her then either. We texted a lot, we loved talking to each other but I didn't have feelings then so days could go by without me missing her. About four months ago, I developed feelings and I think she reciprocated a little. We texted and talked everyday, then we started talking like girlfriend and boyfriend. She would ask how my day was and we sext and Skype. Actually a lot of dirty talk and so on. We have different backgrounds and at a distance, we never really how this all would work in the long term. I have feelings for her even though it's probably not rational. Recently, she told me she needs to end or we need to start talking more casually. Later, found out she was getting to know a guy. We still text, not like we used to, but for about four weeks she really blew me off hard. She would take almost two days to respond to a text. Felt miserable for me since she would be the first to initiate text, now she only responds. This last Friday was a little gleam of hope. I texted her Thursday night after about four or five days of no contact, she seemed like her old self again. Lots of smiley faces in her texts, she asked me how I been and seem interested, she fell asleep talking to me and wrote me a text Friday morning to have a good day. Today is Saturday and we haven't texted since Friday morning and I know she's out with her friends and that guy is there, but I'm wondering if she'll intiate text with me again or what the future holds. When I chatted with her on Friday I acted like the mature man and asked her about her new relationship, she said is wasn't a relationship, she's just getting to know this guy better. At distance and in the position I'm in, I'm not sure what I should do. Should I be waiting for her to initiate text?


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  • Sometimes when a girl thinks she's lost you or your moving on, she will get jealous. But it's hard to say not knowing her.

    • Seems like giving her space is working out. When we started talking we weren't looking for commitment and not really looking for it now either. I just kind of lost my head in things. I know I can't be a boyfriend for her in this situation. Logically, i need to come to terms with that and get my head straight. But, id like to not ruin the relationship completely. One day, maybe comeback to it. She's young yet, id like to have my chance in the future. Even if she's with another guy I'd like to keep her in my life. I'd be fine with being friends, but I know it takes time. She told me she loves talking to me, even when she came to tell me she needed space. Right now, I'm pushing things to the side and working on things with myself. See what happens in the future. Just wondering if I go no contact, will she text me again or just let it go? At a distance and all, it's easy to move on, forget and put things behind you.

  • You can't. She's ready to walk away. You just have to let her