Do you think people who take habitual cheaters back deserve to be cheated on?

I can't feel sorry for people who continue to be with someone that cheats repeatedly and expects someone to change. If they know you will take them back they will continue to cheat. Cheaters come back because you let them, not because you have special powers over them if that were the case you could get them to stop.
  • No, they deserve better even though they don't want better
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  • I think it’s important to maintain empathy regardless of my general viewpoint. So no, I’m not going to lose my sense of empathy for another person just because they seem to be stuck in a foolish, unhealthy cycle and can’t seem to choose a better option besides doing a disservice to themselves. I don’t think someone deserves to have their self-esteem attacked, their peace of mind punctured, and to have their happiness decreased even if they are loyal to a fault.

    • Some people need tough love I wish someone would have told me better years ago but you're right people have to learn on their own

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    • Whatever works for you :)
      I know some people who are like that. Sometimes it can be really annoying to constantly repeat the same advice in a million different ways. But it can be really important because if someone's not there to reinforce the message then who knows wtf kind of damage will happen during that crazy, unhealthy cycle

    • thanks, glad it helped

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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think they deserve it. What they deserve is someone to tell them they can do better.

    • But you know most people don't listen anyway they have to see for themselves if they ever see it

What Girls Said 3

  • no one deserves to be cheated on i think they turn a blind eye because theyre afraid to be alone or unloved eventhough that love can't be real if he's cheating

    • Being afraid of being alone and staying in something that makes you unhappy because of that fear is unhealthy but I understand

  • I don't think they 'deserve' to be cheated on however, they're not being smart and thinking smartly about themselves, sometimes even if you love someone and they cheat on you, you have to be selfish and put yourself first, whats the point of constantly not trusting them. It's almost impossible to trust them 100% so I don't understand why they would want to live like that, it's unhealthy. However I do believe that they can change, just because they cheated in the past doesn't mean they will cheat in the future BUT it's important to be aware and not lose yourself.

    • I think that rings true for someone who only did it once but not for someone who does it all the time and never feels bad about it. I think people have already lost themselves that stay in these situations that s why they don't leave they don't know who they are anymore with that one person even if they are doing them wrong

  • We except the love we think we deserve


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