Why does the pain of getting over someone have to be so bittersweet?

It's like it makes you feel so down and depressed... but at the same time you kinda like it and it sorta feels good.

I didn't ever dated the girl, so its not a break-up but I did fall in love with her... madly.

Its been quiet a while, a few months, and I have good times and bad times. But it doesn't help either hearing a song on the radio that suits the situation and then it gets you all down again.

Why does it have to feel so terrible but good at the same time? Its a sickness! and its like I want it to go away... but at the same time, I don't. How do I get passed this for good?


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  • i agree with prometheus. I feel the same...i asked him out finally after years...and he said he will try...he didn't say no didn't say yes, may be he was letting me down easy...i don't know...when he looks at me I feel like he feels something deep for me, but he never contacts me or tries to see me, and actions speak louder than words.

    Have you tried getting some closure? have you tried to tell her how you feel, or ask her out? sometimes you have to let the person know how much you care about them, for them to realize their feelings for you...


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  • You don't really get over it, especially not if you genuinely love them.

    If there was a way everyone would be using it, and the person that found it would make a fortune lol. Being busy helps as it keeps you distracted, also being around people. Remove as many things as you can from your life that remind you of them.

  • You have to stop thinking comparatively. That is what I learned from it all. It is like yeah that stuff is going to remind you of her whenever you see it but what was it before her? Wasn't that song just annoying before she made you listen to it? If you just reprogram your mind you will find every day easier and easier. Smile at the memories because you have experienced them. It is okay to feel sad but feeling sorry for yourself is the biggest waste of time ever. Next thing you know, you will be up on your feet again. Just the the dominoes fall.


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