Aftermath week: will I hear a smart mouth call from my X that I broke up with 10 months ago?

a full year single is going to be here in just over 2 months if i dont get another girl.

September 2014: break up. i got unengaged. a couple cards saying IM SORRY was sent. i riped them up.
October 2014: one card sent, i riped it up.
November 2014: nothing, thought she gave up
December 2014: nothing
January 2015: hello left name and number
february: hello left name and number
march: 10 rings and a hang up
april: name and number
may:3 rings hang up
june: 3 rings and hang up

the aftermath round 1 was from September 20 2014 and 0ct0ber 15 2014.

the aftermath round 2 was from January 18 2015 till?

wtf is going or went on?
  • her hope goes up and down
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  • she is trying to piss you off
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  • she seams nervous to use her words some months
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  • other ________
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  • all of the above
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  • she's pissing you off.

    • yes, when she calls me I do get pissed. I know the monthly routine. I know the days witch are the 17th,18th,19th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd. it varied per month. if I have a month, JUST 1, where it skips those days I mentioned, then she would have given up. hoping is has or will happend

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  • What is the background story to this?

    It seems to me that she is very sad about you ending the engagement. And she is contacting you because she wants to talk. But without the other info I can't be sure.

    You also sound bitter/angry at her.

    • she faked a pregnancy. she also has mental problems.

    • Well no wonder you are kind of angry at her then. ^^

    • I was, I think she has given up either this month.

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