Should I ask her or is it too soon?

I told my ex on Monday that I miss her and regret breaking up with her. I really do. She took it pretty good. I asked her on Wednesday if she wants to hangout sometime and she said yes! Well tonight I'm gonna be home alone and I'm thinking about asking her to come over.

Should I ask her or is it too soon?

Will she get the wrong impression when she comes over and its just us two?

I just wanna talk and catch up with her.


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  • How long have you two been broken up anyway? if its been a week or two then ofcourse that's a bad idea, if its been a month its also a bad idea. to me it has to be more than 4 months untill I can actually see him normally or depends how I felt about the guy. sometimes it takes ages to get over someone...

    But the real question here, Do you wanna get back with her or you just wanna talk and hang out?

    If you want her back and you wanna tell her that, then yeah Invite her over and talk about it... it seems like this is what you really want honestly.

    But if you JUST wanna hang out then its probably a major bad idea, untill you two are over each other.. cause this will make things worse.


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  • How long have you guys been broken up? I think that plays a pretty good role in figuring out your next motive/move. Also it depends on why you broke up and what your intentions are now.

    • We've been broken up about a year and a half now. I broke up with her over stupid reasons and she knows that. I wanna be in a relationship with her but I need her to tell me what she wants! After all its usually always up to the girl anyways.

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    • Also, don't be scared... She may really want you back. It might be hard at first, she might be a little hesitant because you did break up with her for stupid reasons. I say she might need a little adjusting time, but if she really does mean a lot to you, she will be worth the wait for her to think things through.

      I mean all is fair in love and war. You might be at risk for heartbreak or a rejection, but the reward I would think would be worth risking all of those things for.

    • I can't really remember what all happened when we broke up but the main reason was because she felt I wasn't commiting to her like she was to me. We dated for 6 months. Your right. I can't live life scared. I hope she comes back to me though.

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  • First of all, what do you want here? Do you want a relationship with her again or do you just want to be friends? Because you're giving the impression you want a relationship again, but you sound like you only want friendship. So which is it? Decide what you want before you play with this girls emotions anymore. If you want a relationship then work on rebuilding that. If you want only friendship then back off for a while. If you want to meet to catch up then meet at a coffee shop. Otherwise you're going to give her the wrong idea.


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