What's the right approach?

we broke up two weeks ago. he says he's completely done. we'll see each other soon and i want too convince him to come back.
It surely wasn't make up sex but since i was spotting that played a major role also. Everything was just weird.. but the sex part isn't too big of deal. Will get around too it i guess after we have that where are we going from here talk


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  • If he's completely done, it sounds like he's completely fed up with you and that this has happened before (disagreement or breakup). I would say just walk away.

    • in the past it's been the same. but since it involved his dad i guess he's being more serious

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    • Yes, definitely have that talk. You will know for sure where to go from there. Since you're confused and things feel "weird" in your relationship, there's not much more you can lose by confronting him about it. If anything, you will have gained some time by not pacing back and forth trying to figure out how he feels.

    • Its really bothering me a lot. How long should wait for him to think about things? Being in this break up is really starting to bother me. I don't like being single. Im stuck with all the memories and bad things i did. I want to work things out but its been three weeks. Am I. Still being pushy? Does he totally not care?

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  • Don't; he has made his decision clear, respect it. You just need to move on.

    • you're right! i spoke with him earlier and eventhough he only wanted to talk about some belongings he had i can tell his conversation is slightly relaxed. not all the way but a change. when we meet i don't want to be needy but i also dont want to miss a chance at a second shot that i believe is possible

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  • Please don't. I've read all. The comments and your changes. Walk away. He's done, don't make him repeat that rejection again

    • what rejection

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    • Hey u commented my question about a week ago. If u have time can u read the newer ones and give me your opinion

    • Okay I've read the updates. I stand by my original opinion, although I know it's not what you want to hear

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