Girls, ok rules for getting back with an ex?

Hi girls... Just need you view on this.
My ex broke up with me a year ago. It all came out of nowhere.
She would tell me how I was the love of her life, and send me love letters. And the next week broke it of and said she had lost her feelings, and had been feeling like that for some time.

It seems like she is warming up to me again now. She asked me out...
IF it should happend that we want to give the relationship another try, wouldn't it be ok of me to tell her that I dont want her to talk to the guys she dated while we were apart? And ask her to completely remove them as friends on Facebook as well?

While we were in a relationship I trusted her 100%, but since the breakup and the lies, I feel it is a little harder to trust her... Hope you understand?
Would it be ok of me to ask her that?


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  • yes it's okay. just focus first in getting back with each other. and afterwards, ask the favor that you want. I'm sure she'll understand


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  • are you sure you wanna get back with an ex who broke up with you without any reason?

    • In this case: yes...
      I have lost many girlfriends before in my life and never wanted them back. But this one is special... I can feel it...

    • good luck then

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