I'm having trouble getting through my first break up?

I'm having a hard time getting my ex out of my head. We broke up about a month ago, well I had an argument with her about how she wasn't committed to the relationship. She didn't care about what I was saying so we stopped talking. She hasn't reached out to me nor have I since she's the one that hurt me but it's killing me inside seeing how I was once the world to her and now i'm nothing, not even worth keeping in contact with. I don't know if I miss the sex, our talks, the person I thought she was, meaning something to a girl or is it just the fact I'm in denial I won't accept the idea of someone being able to be so cruel and not seeing I was being manipulated, abused, controlled and especially that I didn't mind being her secret at first because she "loved" me. I have trouble going outside so I have to realbway to get my mind of her.


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  • i'd say u cannot accept da fact she didn't give a shit bout u... but unfortunately that's da truth as it seems


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  • Honestly it's how you feel and you can't change how you feel all you need is time. I say have fun with your friends, try something new and be happy knowing their is something or someone else to look forward too like a new girl you will meet in the future who is going to be way better.

    • Sad to say I don't really have "friends" so having fun and going out is not for me. My life right now is looking pretty bad staying positive is really hard atm. This breakup has made me not wanting to be in a relationship cause you can give your all to someone and think you mean something to them as well but not at all.

    • ya its a shitty feeling i have been there but guess what when one door closes another one opens :) trust me a month isn't a long time when it's getting over someone you really liked. I couldn't get over the guy till like 3 months later lol. I still think of him sometimes but not in like i miss him way.

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  • Oh, the first one is the hardest from what I hear. I've only been through one myself, but it was definitely brutal, because we still had to live together for another 2 months for financial reasons.

    Just know that this will pass. Really, one of the shittiest parts about a breakup is knowing that there were so many opportunities to have fun or fall in love with a better match that you had missed. That fact is double-sided, however, because now that you're single, you can start working toward having that fun or finding that better person.

    Of course, I know it's not that easy. The brutal truth is that there is no way around the suffering you are going through. It took me a year to get to my present ambivalence, and I also drank a bit more than I should have during the fall-out, but just know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Suffer it out, cry a bit, rely on your friends if you have them, and yourself if you don't. Eventually you'll get to the easier life of ambivalent singleness, and you'll be much wiser for it.

    • Thanks, I try every time to convince myself I'm better off w/o her but I always find a reason to be sad that she's gone. Eventually I'll be able to not think of her and see the light at the end of the tunnel but for now I'm still having a hard time with understanding how she can act like our relationship was nothing.

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