Confusing- another sleeping with ex?

My boyfriend and I moved to a new small town together so that he could work on his passion. After a month, we signed a lease- a month later, he dumped me. He said he didn't think he communicated well (whenever I would try to talk about anything, he would immediatley leave the area- literally) and he didn't want to try to make it work anymore. He said that his feelings had changed for me and just wouldn't. Since then (3 weeks ago), we have slept together 3 times- him suggesting we go have dinner after on one of those occasions. He knows that I want to make it work, even living apart (he moved out on the 1st) which I believe we both needed anyhow. We're both introverted types who need their own space and time alone, which we weren't getting for a while getting ready for the move and settling in.
He agreed not to sleep with or date anyone else, something I brought up the 1st time we had sex after the breakup.
We're getting along, and having the same passion as ever makes me want to reconcile our relationship even more.
I can't help but feel like he's just going through things of his own, that could have been handled while still being in a relationship with me... and also that he's just getting to a point that he's reached in his past relationships (he seems to have a pattern confirmed by another of his ex's that I'm an aquaintance with- they're still friends) where he freaks out a little once it's reaching an actual long term relationship (1-1 1/2 years).
I can't help but wonder if I give him space, and go slow- if we have a chance to have a successful relationship.


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  • I think he will enjoy this ex-with=benefits arrangement better with the no strings attached until either one of you tires of it. I wouldn't put too much hope into reconciling or you will be more broken-hearted.


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  • you might have a chance if you give him space.


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