Should I tell my ex I miss him?

So we broke up due to long distance, tried to stay friends but kept falling back for each other, and he decided to do no contact. I was left with no choice but to follow suit.

It's been three/four months and he suddenly made conversation about the teddy bear he gave to me when we were together. We've texted, albeit a little, since then.

Wish I could say I miss him, but I'm just too afraid it makes things awkward between us..


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  • I believe life is too short to hold back from telling someone how you feel about them. You never know if it is your last chance to say something. You are more likely to regret not telling him. If you don't tell him, then one day you will wonder "what if" and
    "if only". Good Luck!

    • Thanks for the positivity! But I really couldn't get myself together and tell him. I don't really know if he still have feelings, whether if he's dating someone else, or what not.. Guess he doesn't really want me to be in his life anymore.

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  • I think it's okay to say it
    But if it troubles you to move on, but you want to move on... then don't say it

  • If you want to but what would that accomplish? Nothing. It's not going to change anything but only hurt you more


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