The guy promised he'll come back around the end of senior year. Can someone get back together once they broke up?

I have been dating him for over one year and everything has been great till the last few months. I have been getting really jealous and over protective. I haven't given him his space and I would get so mad at the littlest things. I would never let him hang with girls cause I always got jealous. I don't understand how I couldn't trust him it wasn't even his problem he never gave me a reason to not trust him ever. That's just how I am. On Wednesday he picked me up and I was supposed to sleepover but instead we went to a park parking lot and sat in his car. When he parked the car he grabbed my face and pulled me towards him and kissed me. I leaned on his shoulder and started to cry and then he grabbed my face and said. "You are the best thing that happened to me" he then started crying and he said he couldn't do this no more. And we started talking and I would beg him to please not leave me and that I can change and I want to trust him. And he said I've been saying that and it's always been the same. He was telling me how he can't be with anyone else he just wants to be single. That I was his first and last. He won't date anyone else. He was telling me how it's our senior year and he just wants to enjoy it and that he wants to just get back together in the future. It sucks because I wanted my senior year to be the best I wanted to go out to parties and be with him also and it just sucks because I don't know what to do now. He was telling me how he wishes he can be with me later and if I need to trust him on something it's this.. That he will come back to be around the end of senior year he promised. He said even probably before prom cause I wanted to go with him. Because he said I'm the only person who he fell so in love with and that he can't see himself with other people. So the thing is that he told me all that that he love me and all and that he hopes that I don't find any other person because he hopes that later on I'm still there for him. I know t sounds bad


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  • actually he REALLY needs space as it seems... i know it's just da way u r as u mentioned, but all those signs (cryin, and even mentionin about being single this year), was very clear in my opinion.

    ok anyway i believe he's honest and he'll come back after this year ends... so if i was u, i'd do this and wait for him to return


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