How can I fix my relationship?

He have had some arguments, but I thought I was just normal. But this last Tuesday we talked about having sex. We talked pretty confidently to each other and things were good. The next day on Wednesday, she comes over and she is tired. So we sleep for a little bit and I start kissing her trying to make a move. She stops me and says that she doesn't feel well and she doesn't know if she is ready for this kind of stuff. I say "alright." She says "what?" I say, I just thought we were gonna have a special night, that's all." She gets mad and tries to leave because she thinks I think she isn't fun. I let her leave after about 10 minutes of trying to make her stay, so I just let her leave. She texts me about 10 minutes later saying "you forgot to kiss me" I say, "I know, wanna come back quick?" She comes back and we start kissing and everything turned out okay. The only thing is that for some reason she said on Friday that she just wanted to be friends. It was really random. I was confused because the other night she said that I "was actually a really good guy." Is there a solution to this?


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  • you have to talk it out.


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