How can I know what he is thinking?

OK so there was this guy that has a girlfriend and last month we text so much and talked on the phone for hours and then one day I just really wanted to see him so he came over my house and we kinda kissed but that's it and he wanted more but I stopped because it felt weird because he has a girlfriend and I know her but were not really friends so then when he left I felt really bad about what happened and I didn't know what to do so I text him that we shouldn't text or call or even hangout anymore because it felt like I was pulling him away from his girlfriend but sometimes I think he doesn't really like/love her because when I look on Facebook his girlfriend writes on his wall saying I love you and all but he doesn't say it back or if he does it be same.. or something... so now I really miss him and I really want to talk to him meaning text him and I don't know if I should like does he miss me? like do you think he is thinking like the same thing I am? should I text him?


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  • once a cheater, always a cheater. if you were to get with him, nothing good would come of it, and you would end up same as his current gf. also, I will tell you in short what he's thinking: he wants sex. "he wanted more but I stopped because it felt weird". if he liked you to want to be with you, he would have left his girlfriend and not cheated on her. he wouldn't have texted and talked on the phone for hours with you, while having a gf. obviously he doesn't love her, or he wouldn't be cheating on her. but he doesn't care for you either. just forget him. easier said than done, but not texting/calling/hanging out is the best choice and you should stick with it and look at your other options. by that I mean any other single guys around you who you might be interested in.

    i know it sucks, but he isn't thinking the same things as you. otherwise, like I said, he would've broken up with his girlfriend for you rather than cheated on her. or at least, he would have done it after you said not to text or call anymore because it wasn't right.

    just move on. you made the right choice. sticking to it is harder, but worth it.


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  • "I didn't know what to do so I text him that we shouldn't text or call or even hangout anymore"

    1) He had a girlfriend and cheated on her

    2) You wrote the above statement to him (or told him verbally)

    3) This guy is doing this to other women in the most likely scenario.

    Move on, there are so many redflags about this guy- that it's not even funny.

    Save yourself from the drama and get out while your still young and untainted

    Best regards,


  • well if all that happened, I personally would be day dreaming bout you at certain times of the day, or sometimes placing ur face in my gf's so that's what he's probably doing


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  • girl stop if he did it to her he will do it to you. you sound like you're getting caught up you're just gonna end up getting played


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