What is your opinion on my conversation with my ex?

Me: How are you today
Ex : fine Ty, and you?:-)
Me ok, feeling pretty down today.
Ex : oh, y?
Me : feeling so lost and confused
Ex: Been there, I understand

Me :I don't know what to do anymore
Ex: In regards to?
Me : Just everything, my life is a complete mess
Ex: Don't snowball issues... Define one area and discuss to solve it.
Have you eaten yet?
Me : A littlr
Ex : what did you eat?
Me : A bowl of oatmeal... I haven't cooked in days
Ex :, Did you eat any fruit?
Me : Some berries
Ex : Have you drank any water?
Me : Some gaderade
Ex : try water... You need to hydrate so your energy level increases.
Me : Ok I will
Ex : if I were you...

I go to waterworks park today...
It's a really nice day out, the sun and fresh air will do you well...

Plus there are a lot of chances to see wildlife around the ponds.
It's far better to contemplate your position in life sitting on a blanket in the shade on a summer day snacking on some healthy nibbles...

Then inside a dark, dreary and stuffy apartment in my option.
So ate you going to stay in and sulk...

Or go out and ruminate?
Me : im going to go to my moms for the night then maybe Monday if the weather is nice I will take Hannah for a walk to the park
Ex : Ok... Hope you feel better soon.
bit of a back ground we have been together on and off for 7 years. We have two girls together our youngest 4 months old. We had our share of problems but nothing I thought we couldn't work out. Basically one night he left and didn't come home and that was the start of everything which was May of this year so not that long ago. We have had a few fights since the break up and things have been tense but he has kind of started seeing someone but I'm sure it isn't anything serious. I just want to know if you think he still cares and if there could


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  • He cares for you a lot. One factor is that you are also the mother of his children so that's probably

    • Thanks for giving me mho!

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well he clearly cares for you But if he is the one that left you then he is the one that can come back because you can clearly both talk without being hostile!

  • Sounds like he was trying to do the right thing but didn't really wanna get into it.


What Girls Said 3

  • For him to Still talk to you and take some time to Show he 'Still cares,' he is taking this convo nice and semi sweet so it is Not misleading in any Way... Today.
    You both have children you share so with this some history but it seems that if he really wanted a real Relationship, a Real family life, you both would Not Be... Having this conversation that is probably so familiar with "He said, she said" On and Off for 7 years.
    Good luck. xx

  • Can u please look after your kids?
    Don't make them suffer cz of the turmoil going in ur relation.
    See things will work out sooner or later but by being stuck in the zone u not going to get any better
    So pls try to get out and dng things fr urself and ur kids

  • Nah, he was talking to u like he would talk to a sister or his mom. He left you and i honestly see no signs of him wanting to come back...


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