Whats the reason to this?

okay so i was in a guy for a year, (btw this was his longest rela) and mind you I believe in sex after marriage only. we're both from the same culture and same religion, middle eastern Catholics... I've also constantly said that the timing for both of us was wrong.. So he broke it off thinking that I was too 'closed' 'clean'.. we were both extremely upset..
and we sometimes contact each other but yeah

Few months have gone passed and his with another female.. but the thing is here she looks exactly the same as me.. and not with how she just dresses i mean the hair, lips, eyes, its almost freaky!! but the only difference here is that she's more.. open? compared to me. but is there a reason for this?
And plus he won't stop sending me photos of them... What the hell


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  • he was trying to "recreate" you.


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