Should I just let it go or say something? There's not much semester left and I graduate.

Alright so there's this girl in my class and occasionally ill glance at her and then shell glance back at me yadda yadda. She's really attractive and has a fun personality (don't know her much), this went on for the first week or two but then I overheard her say as we left class she said "something with her boyfriend" so I just decided to not peruse her anymore. BUT the glances don't stop , even when my class had a group trip , I would notice her eying me from the side (we got put into the same tour group) what should I do , there's not much semester left and I graduate , should I just let it go or say something?


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  • Lol. Yes, say something. At least try and get closer to her as a friend you don't even know if she does have a boyfriend - she might have been talking about a friends boyfriend or anything else along those lines.


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