When you break up with a guy be honest.. is it always loss of attraction and better options?

My girlfriend and I had plans to move out and she was crazy about me. I never showed her that completely though. We had bad communication but she had a choice of running away with me and never talking to her mom again and dropping her dropping free college ride. Or just letting me go and then taking advantage of her situation. I get it.. situational ly it wouls be really stupid to choose me and I think it's black and white to say loves conquers all because those are bullshit fairytales.

But that last month or two she really became spiteful and indifferent towards me. Saying I don't care I don't treat her well etc. I've been in relationships and I've been dumped before this and I've seen the same things over and over.
You girls can't control how you feel attraction towards a guy.. that's cool I get it. I just don't know if the relationship had just ran it's course or she was actually truley torn and that was her way of letting me go.


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  • Sounds like the relationship ran its course to me.

    However, if you are getting consistent commentary from girlfriends that you "don't care about them" perhaps you ought to take it to heart and think on your behaviour towards them. Common denominator between these women is you, after all.

    • So you are saying she did lose attraction lost interest in the relationship rather than be torn by ever talking to her mom again and losing her college ride? I remember telling her constantly she doesn't have to do this and she can back out even offered a break and she cried at the thought of it. She didn't take it ti the end.

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    • I think the relationship ran its course AND she decided a free ride to college was a better idea.

    • Ran it's course being she just wasn't that into me anymore? When I said that. That was my definition lol.

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  • I think the best thing to do is confront her on her negative emotions towards you. Realize and evaluate it. If it is unfixable them you must do what is best for your well being and happiness


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