My ex drunk dialled me?

So me and my ex broke up months from now. And yeah, we decided to have the no contact rule. A month ago he started talking to me, and everything went like a good friend chat at some point. But yesterday I have been very busy and he kept calling me unexpectedly, he was like ; Hi, how you doing? I'm at my best friends house, and then they both started laughing, so I just thought he was messing with me. But he kept calling and calling and texting me. And when I got really pissed, I called him to wonder why the fuck does he keep calling me and playing games with me. But he just responded I got extremely drunk last night on some event. But I just know, he would usually be pretty reserved and not tell me anything when he's sober. So yeah, he kept asking me questions to get the convo going. So I just wonder, without any judgmental comments, why does he do this? I thought he said he doesn't love me anymore and moved on? Even though he tried making me jealous a couple of times -.-


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  • Maybe he didn't love you anymore but he still finds you attractive. His drunk self may have wanted some booty...


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  • He still likes you


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