An ex texts you "I Wish I could have you for my birthday?", what do you think?

Say you've been broken up for a month. And you have been ignoring him for the last three weeks, he hasn't contacted you in two weeks.

Would you think it's a cute or creepy message?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends who broke up and why? If he was the dumper I would think that either he is drunk and can't find anyone else to fuck, or he actually regrets dumping me and that is he his way of reaching out. Then I would reply to see what's going on. But if I was the dumper I would think it's pathetic and I wouldn't reply.

    • Complicated. Initially I was the dumper, then I wanted to give her a second chance. Then she turned me down.

      So actually now she's the dumper?

      Anyway, I will not message her. Seems like females wouldn't appreciate it.

    • Well you can't really say that you gave HER a second chance, because you were the one who dumped her first so it's on her to give a second chance or not. Since she didn't want it you should just move on. Or if you really want to ask again, then don't send shitty texts like that: :D Send something nice and sweet, ask her to meet up and talk, and then tell her how you feel. No mind games just be honest and straight. If she turns you down AGAIN then forget about her.

    • It was up to me to give her a second chance, she had been on online dating sites.
      Sending that text isn't a mind game, it is precisely letting them know how I feel.

      It never works if you let them know how you feel. They always see it as desperate. Break ups are hopeless.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer though.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Creepy, it sounds like it's only for desperate sex.

    • Well it seems most females think of it that way.

      I guess I will not even bother then.

  • Sounds like a booty call.


What Guys Said 1

  • sounds like an attempt to be sweet and compliment you. Nothing creepy there.


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