Why is she like this?

My ex dumped me for another guy, we were together for 2 years, we have a 13 month old little girl together, she has moved this guy in, got/is getting engaged to him, he has asked her dad to marry her, she has removed me from Facebook, banned me from her house, all but cut me off and out, she is going to Thailand with this dude in September, he picks my little girl up from nursery every day, they all have Tea together, and I see almost nothing of my daughter, well it is three and a half weeks at the moment, I am supposed to see her ( My daughter ) in two days, the problem is my ex has told me I need to contact her every day regarding my daughter, I think this is a little much, this request came from her after I never contacted her for five days, and when I did my punishment ( at least this is how I took it ) was my daughter was taken off me and out in nursery, she was so aggressive on the phone with me screaming with me and telling me to f***k off, anyway, I messaged her on Saturday day asking how my daughter was she replied but i never read her reply until Monday dinner time, she then seems not happy that I never read her reply until Monday, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS WOMAN? why is she acting this way?


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  • I think perhaps she wants to dispatch herself from you as much as possible, however it's truly impossible since you two have a daughter together, just rationally tell her that you don't care about anything she has going on in her life involving him and her love life but you do need to be aware of your daughter as she would expect you to, and that you still do have rights to her. Sounds like to me she's using your daughter against you and being spiteful the last thing you want is to involve the law and waste tones of money when this can be solved easily.


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