What does it mean when someone breaks up with you, moves on with their life but still treats you like you did them wrong?

My ex is like this. We share our son so we see each other weekly. When he sees me he does not speak, just drops our son of and turns his back to me real fast. He also treats me like I did him in when I am the one who was initially heart broken. I have also noticed that sometimes when I see him, he will look sad and when I seen him yesterday he looked quite unkempt.
Last I heard, he got married last month, so I know he no longer holds a flame for me, but the way he ostracizes me, makes me wonder.

I dont call or text and am not needy.


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  • I'd say he still feels for you. But why he acts like that I don't know. Maybe he does indeed think you did him wrong.

    • but he got married, that's why i think he does not have feelings for me

    • Thanks for MHO.

      That he is married doesn't automatically mean that he doens't think fondly of you. But it is indeed a complicated situation.

      Hope things will work out for you in the long run.

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  • Maybe he don't like the way things ended


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