I am falling fast and hard for a boy at school but I have a boyfriend who has a low sex drive and is not passionate or attractive to me?

me and my boyfriend got together because we where good together.. he dosent cheat and well nether do i but im at a breaking point. we where best friends more then anything. i saved him from a addiction and he saved me from a brake up.. i love my boyfriend and i am thankful for him but i can't get this guy out of my head.. i feel selfish for wanting to leave him now that im back on my feet but i just dont feel right with him. I've tried leaving him but he hits a wall and starts going back to he's old ways.. what should i do


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  • You have to make yourself happy. You're too young and life's too short to feel trapped in something you're not fully invested in. I'm sure your current boyfriend is a good guy, but that whole bullshit of him going back to his own ways is completely on him; not you. If he's telling you he'll go back out and drug, then he's manipulating you into staying, and that's not good at all.

    Relationships shouldn't be a matter of convenience, and it's okay for you to be excited and feel in love with someone.

    With that being said, were you feeling less than happy before you met this new guy, or are your boyfriend's negatives surfacing because you're into the man you're physically attracted to?

    • I've always had these issues with my boyfriend

    • Then it sounds like the relationship has run its course and you're simply hanging around out of kindness.

      As I said, life's too short, and you can only be responsible for your own happiness; especially if your boyfriend talks about despair and falling back into a really rotten lifestyle. I'm not sure how attractive that is to you, but aside from playing hard on your compassion, manipulation only causes you to become more frustrated and passive aggressive.

      Breakups are never easy, but in your case, I'm not sure what positives there are for you to stay in the one you're in.

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  • That's emotional manipulation on his part, right there. You're not in the relationship for the right reasons, don't drag it out. End it now, unless you intend to stay with him for the rest of your lives. What he chooses to do with his life after, is his fucking problem. If he wants to go back to drugs, punch walls, kill himself- let him do just that. That's not your issue.


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