Should I try to make my ex boyfriend jealous?


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  • It won't get anywhere to try making him jealous, you want him back and still love him but does he contact you or is he too busy with another girl, these are things you need to consider?

    • He told me that he wanted to be just friends but I told him that i don't think we should talk or hang out for right now

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    • We were in a friends with benefits relationship. I started out as his girlfriend but he didn't think he was good enough for me. He is a pothead.

    • Well think things over and maybe tell him your not ready to hang out
      it seems one point you want him back but than again you think making
      him jealous will make things with you two stronger, i really don't see that
      happening , I like to know if I'm missing something some where.

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  • That's just childish. If you were over him you wouldn't care what he feels anymore and if you aren't over him then learn to move on.


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