Broke up with my boyfriend 6 weeks ago. and already been some where else?

Ok so i broke up with my boyfriend 6 weeks ago. After weeks of trying to sort things out with him and he ignoring me i went out and had some fun with a guy. I wouldn't have sex with him but iy was a good night. Anyway he found out who my ex was and we have not spoken since. The weekend i had some more fun with a different guy we had a great time no sex again. But this weekend i let myself and had sex with someone

Now my anixtey has kicked in and i feel like a slag. I was with my boyfriend for so long and its all new to me. I feel like iv lost myself respect by doing this.
Anyway my question is am i a slag?


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  • lol you are slut simple as that... feel sorry for your ex

    • What do you feel sorry for him for he finished it. And he's been with other people during our relationship!

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    • The things boys will say when no one knows their name...

    • and here comes the feminist

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  • You are jumping feet first into Murky waters here, dear, searching and surmising that with a 'Different Guy, you are going to get what you had with your "EX" and with Sex... I lost myself respect by doing this.
    Tone it down a notch here, dear, don't spread yourself too thin. By bed hopping this is Not Stopping the past from coming to mind every Time... You are trying to replace every Tom, Dick and Harry with His face and it won't work.
    And even if he were someone somewhat Who you are looking for, you might end up comparing him In... All the wrong places. You don't want some Rebound Robert right now.
    Nurse and nurture each one as in 'Friends' for now. You don't need to plunge into Anything like this. However I know you Miss the Kiss but you have to go easy.
    Some np pussyfooting toms today, with just a touch of the finger, will think a girl is Easy and fly off the morning after, their job done, getting all the fun, and leaving You with... A sour ball in in your mouth.
    Use the upper hand, learn to say "No," go slow with each flow and just do the right thing so you can Get back what your own "EX" may have taken from you from the start.
    Eventually, someone will come along who is special and you both, when you are Ready, will be Ready for Romance And... Love with all the attachments.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just have to build my self confidence up thank you for your advice

    • Thank you, but by building and Re building, don't let London Bridge come falling down by these other clowns.. xxoo

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  • What are you talking about? You're an adult. You met another adult and had sex. I hope you enjoyed it. There's no reason to feel bad about it.

  • Kourt that you? My friend and I literally just discussed sonething similar to this on the phone...


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  • Stop being silly!

    If you know it was wrong it proves you aren't a slag. Mentally I think you wanted to know you could. So you have and now just be careful. Dont go messing about with random men, keep your dignity and self respect now you have done it once.

    For a nice girl, a one nighter is a dirty thing and you seem to be like that. I am the same. I feel guilty and stupid and mad at myself for doing it so I dont.

    You will find someone, just concentrate on getting over your ex.

    • I won't be doing it again. He was a random as such he's in the them same group of friends as mine. But I know what you mean. My head has been up my arse since Saturday. 😢

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    • i mean delete it from your profile so you won't get notifications etc...

  • You're bouncing out of a long term relationship and back to being single. Even if you'd slept with all... 3? guys you wouldn't be a slag.

    The important thing to think about here is: Do you feel unhappy that you had sex with the guy because you didn't actually want to have sex or because you feel like you shouldn't have had sex? Then examine those feelings and decide if they're coming from within you and your own personal standards or are they standards being imposed on you by an outside force.

    If you're happy with your choice then buy some new condoms, make an appointment to get checked, and have fun!

    If you're unhappy then accept that you did it, accept that you tried it, and avoid doing it again because it makes you unhappy.

    These are your choices and feelings. No one else has the right to define them for you so don't even worry about silly ideas like "slut" or "slag".

    • It made me unhappy. I really just don't want to be called coz it really isn't what I'm about at all. I obviously don't know how to act around guys and it ends up sexual

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    • Great answer.

    • @slatyb TYVM for saying so :)

  • Self-respect is only what you can give yourself.. not what anonymous people on the internet can give you.

    • During my relationship there was always rommours of other girls or seeing pics of my boyfriend with his 'mates' that I don't know. It always nocked my confidence especially these last 5 years. After carrying children and my body changing putting weight on and lossing it. Maybe I just want to be wanted and excepted. My ex new me before children 😢

  • No you are not a slag... you Just need to emotionaly get over him once you master that you will be much happier you would actually forget him really...


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