Should I contact her or let it ride?

OK, at school I see this girl which I find very attractive & I noticed she was looking at me a lot & got the feeling she might like me too. Unfortunately she had to quit & I never got the chance to ever talk to her. I just found out that she was looking at my Facebook page & joined the one group I had joined. So what I was wondering is should I take that as a sign to contact her or let it ride in case it is just a coincidence & wishful thinking on my part? Thanks for any insight.


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  • You should ask her out, if a guy felt that way about me I would want them to ask me out and those are signs telling you she likes I do that a lot on Facebook if its a guy I like and I do take glances at them constantly if I like them


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  • go for it man, if she joined the same group then break the ice and ask her what she likes about it, and that you noticed her and would like to talk. buck up, get up, and show her you got a spine!


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