Why do you think people cheat?

In regards to a similar question, it kind of begged me to ask. Why do you think people cheat on others and why would they in the first place?


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  • I'll attempt to answer this through the use of analogy.

    Let's say you are in the market for a car. And let's say the car dealers are in the market for money. They are willing to give you a car, in exchange for your money, and you are willing to give them your money in exchange for a car.

    So you go to the car dealer and start looking at different cars. You first look at yourself and ask yourself some very important questions:

    - How much CAN I afford?

    - How much am I willing to pay?

    (those two questions do not have the same answer)

    The Ferrari car dealer approaches you.

    Dealer: You look like a wealthy guy. Someone as professional and successful as you shouldn't be driving in anything less than an Ferrari.

    You: Maybe, but why would you say that? What does a Ferrari have to offer me that other cars can't?

    Dealer: Well, every car can take you from point A to B, but when you get there with a Ferrari, it's such a gorgeous car, and others know how much it costs, that your status will go up, you'll feel better about yourself, and so on.

    You: I'm hearing what you're saying, and that stuff is nice, but not "necessary". So what price are we talking about?

    Dealer: $300,000. We both know you can afford that.

    You: I can, but that's more than I'm willing to pay. All that extra stuff is just not that important to me to justify that price for me, so you can keep it.

    The Toyota dealer approaches you. Although they're nice cars, dependable, etc. You're not exactly too crazy about paying $40,000 for a Toyota; especially since for roughly the same price, you can get yourself a BMW, which looks and drives great and has everything you're looking for in a car.

    You put the money down, you sign the paperwork, congrats! Now the car is yours!

    The question: Why would you drive an other car instead of your own?

    Case I: Every weekend you like to go fishing. You take care of your car and keep it in mint condition. When you go to turn it on, the alarm goes off! "I have a headache! I'm not in the mood! Not tonight honey!" Okay okay okay! Sheesh! Not this weekend you think. You go back inside and watch T.V. Next weekend, the same thing happens! And you can't keep a guy away from his fishing. So you either rent a taxi cab, or you get an other car to get you to where you want to go.

    Case II: After driving your BMW for a while, you start to look at other men and their other cars and feel they are happier than you. You start to wonder if you would be better off with a Benz, or Jaguar. Even though you never buy those cars, that doesn't stop you from going to some dealers and test-driving one; maybe more than just once.

    Case III: After driving your BMW for a while, you love it. No matter how old it gets, this is your baby; you're emotionally bonded & close to this car. But you're a complex character. There is more than one side to you. You want an other car on the side that makes you feel different from how you feel everyday. Something more sporty perhaps; so you get a second.


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  • not 100% satisfied with their relationship, not sure of their feelings for their partner or they simply don't care about their parnter at all and have no respect.

    I cheated on my boyfriend because, as much as I didn't want to admit it I didn't have feelings for him, I loved the guy I cheated with and that was that. sure I felt bad but I realized I didn't need to be with my parnter, I was with the wrong person

  • I think it's because they're not completely satisfied in their relationship.

  • They aren't satisfied in their relationship-either emotionally so they start having an affair, or physically, so they just have sex with someone else. They are too p**** to end it or maybe they don't want to end it and they like the thrill of having a bit on the side. There are no excuses though, even if their girlfriend isn't giving them sex, they should break up with them, not go and f*** someone else then blame their girlfriend for not having sex with them. That really p*sses me off. It's so simple, end the relationship your in then you can f*** around all you like. The guys that cheat just give all guys a bad reputation that all they care about is sex sex sex.

  • lack of respect

    they just don't care


    they're 'in the moment'

    it can be a bunch of things.

  • I have no idea. I don't understand why they don't just break up first if they want to cheat.


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  • There is, unfortunately, a mechanism inside all of us that predisposes all of us towards infidelity. This mechanism is fundamentally different in men and women, but the results for both are infidelity. The mechanisms that cause us to do this are based on evolution, and natural selection (to put a very general theory to it), and is based on the ultimate life goal of human beings as a species of passing your genes on to the next generation.

    Men can pass their genes to many women at once with no personal investment. Once they have contributed to an offspring, that is all that is required of them, personally. This means that this action can be repeated, and the chance of passing one's genes is doubled. Further polygamy means higher chances of "success". It is in a man's best interest to sleep with as many fit choices of mates as possible.

    Women invest much more in a child. It does nothing for a woman to sleep with 2 different men as far as her offspring are concerned. Only one man (typically) is going to contribute to the offspring. So the woman should choose the most genetically superior male to contribute, Why risk the contribution of the lesser male?

    Therefore, it is the natural tendency of males to be with many women. Conversely, it is in the best interest of females to be with only one man, the best man (hmm...perhaps this is a bad title to give to anyone other than the groom at a wedding).

    Of course, women have different ideas of what it means to be genetically superior, and there is also genetic matching to bear in mind. A woman can be with what she thinks is the best match, until someone else comes along. Someone who just "has that special something" that may make him seem better. They may be smarter, stronger, or whatever else is ideal to her. They may also seem just as good of a match, but in a different way, which makes it a hard choice.

    This is all one theory, and of course our emotions play a big part. It does show us, though, that there is a natural predisposition that we all face that can lead to infidelity.

    I think that the one thing that leads to infidelity is the lack of something that can combat all other forces, including this one, is SELF CONTROL.

  • If you want two fishes in your fishing tank and you know they would kill each other off, and you too, what do you do? a). cheat them both, b) if you can't, at least one.

    Why is one fish not good enough? Ask those who have two or more fishes in their fishing tank.

  • Many reasons, many many reasons. no one perfect and many are greedy and some find it hotter to cheat then settle down with just one girl. Go ask tiger woods! Hot wife, 2 kids but 10 other females on the side. It all comes down to, if you can cheat on your lover/partner/or someone you care about then there's something very wrong going on that needs to be fixed or ended.

  • people cheat as some makes it hobby,some got it by learning from surrounding,some remains under situations barrier.

    Even I can cheat if it is my destiny.But never for sure at present.


  • I think it's because they don't respect, or love their partner.


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