How did you feel after breaking up with your girlfriend?

How did you feel in the days, weeks and months after you broke up with a girlfriend?
Tell us the circumstances and reasons for the breakup, and how long the relationship was too.

My (ex) boyfriend wasn't 100% on breaking up but thought it was the kindest thing. He didn't 'want' to but couldn't see how to fix things. I wonder if he too feels a loss and hurts and misses me sometimes.


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  • I did not feel well... and never talked to her again... even when she reached out... her deception and cheating took me to the point of no return.

    • Did you feel physically sick with it? Are you better now?
      Yeah cheating and lying is so hard to come to terms with, if ever.

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    • It took me a couple of months to feel ok. Then, I completely got her out of my system after a year... had to get through holidays, etc. It's really important to eat well... and exercise. Both accelerate the healing process. Good friends are awesome too!

    • Thanks!

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  • well it is tough when someone decides to give up on you it is too hard , my boyfriend left me with no reason but that he wanted to have fun and live his life which is so selfish , he didn't even give it tgo me clear , he said lets take a brek until we see what to do. i kept waiting never though of a back stab , then one day i logged on his facebook to find him " in a relationship with...", i cried a lot, and i could barely sleep, i msgd him and begged him to take me back, he didn't , he was rude which completely made me feel he is someone new , i tried to call him or message him from now and then but he was always cold, although we were so sweet and inlove together , it took me months maybe 6 months to finally get used to it and just give up , the key is when you give up you start healing, he would call me from now and then to keep me attached while he is having fun, after giving up , not checking anything related to him, and not seeing him i started to be ok, not happy but ok, he once called me and said i miss you and stuff which made me feel soft for him again, but when i asked him why did he leave me he said " maybe you will just find someone better ", i cried that day for two hours nonstop,* after probab;y a year i was very happy i started to live my life happily but still couldn't date at all. after 2 years i was totally over it "then after two years he wanted me back , i said please i dont want to get hurt but he insisted to meet me, i was stupid to give him a new chance just when i started to be happy, igot back to him to only find he has met his ex twice behind my back just 4 days after we got back together, it has broken my heart into pieces, i asked him to show me their msgs and convos but he couldnt so i cried in the street and walked away, he has broken my heart again, now i am going through the same process, i was in physical pain that i was beating my chest because my heart is hurting me, i have pulled all of my front hair , and i was vomiting all the time, i took medicines to sleep, now after 5 months i am better , i sometimes laugh and hang out but still i think about it and feel sad, key word is time , but pls pls dont ever take him back, just take it slowly, it goes easier and easier, just don't hurt yourself like i did , can you please tell me, did my ex deserve me? should i regret leaving him that day and walking away?

    • He doesn't deserve you, but you don't believe that you deserve better. You should've never given him space in your thoughts or said "ok" to any of his offers, ever. He's worthless you don't understand it. Please message me, I'd love to help you with changing your mentality for the better.. The message space here is not enough for it. But you have to understand that you are a great person, a wonderful girl who deserves to be loved, cherished, and adored. When you believe that, you will practically be immune to the BS this type of guy tries to play on you. You will be much more empowered.
      Do message me if you are interested in getting over this loser.

    • Hello , yes please help me , i can't message you because you are anonymous. you message me please, now i feel worthless i keep looking at girls and feel ugly , i am just not happy i used to be a happy person. do you think i should feel guilty thaf i walked away and took a taxi that day when he couldnt show me the msgs and conversations between him and his ex? :/ he looked so sad when i was walking away , now i feel guilty that i walked away , although i agreed to meet him after that day but i kep asking why why , and then i met him the last day and even gave him a gift , ooh i wish i can regain my happiness , i have cut my hair and gained a lot of weight, and i dont trust that anyone will ever love me

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