What should I say or do?

I know he's busy with his new job but im
left feeling like he hasn't got time for me :( we are meeting this Saturday and that's the first time since last month as we are in a ldr. I tried to build a conversation up with him earlier then got a message 2 hours later saying he's just got in from work and he's just going to his little sisters school play. So he's off again. I just feel upset , I even felt like saying let's call Saturday off ! Because I feel we are losing a connection like we use to have and I feel I don't know him anymore , we communicate by text because we live 2 hours away. What do I say or do? Do I just end it? Does it seem like he's to busy for me?


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  • if you love him and care for him enough, you will wait,


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  • Give him some time to adjust to his new job and all of those changes. It's a lot! And as for your feelings why don't you see how Saturday goes and take it from there. The world of texting has made it easier to stay in touch but it's also given us the expectation of constant communication which sometimes just isn't realistic. Some jobs strongly discourage excessive phone use, and since he's new he could have been avoiding using his to make a good impression. Instead of worrying and jumping to conclusions be supportive of him, his better situation, and adore the fact that he is there for his family. If things continue to feel disconnected after Saturday maybe re think the relationship


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