How to get over the one you love because you know they are just keeping you around just so if they fail you will be there?

She wanted space for a month then said it was over after that but says if it's meant to be we will be back together. I need to move on I need help


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  • I've had a simalar break up except i really loved him and he cheated on me and he kept coming back asking for forgiveness he still is i want him back but i just can't build up that trust again so i stayed around a lot of my friends and it helped a lot its a good time to focus on hobbies and other things and if she wants to come back tell her that your over her but put yourself back oout in the dating world whenever you feel like it

    • I think I would take her back if she wanted to come back

    • well in your case i probably would too

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  • Tough spot. Dig a grave in your mind and lay her to rest. Pretend she is dead. Grieve, move on. Do not call her or text her again.


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  • Love can be such a horrible feeling D;

    But would you come back together with someone who despises you or just uses you as same as a toy?
    I couldn't do that to me. Eventhough The thought of being together with someone I dearly love would be great, I would be aware that she/he is just using me and is not really in love with me.

    Find someone who shares your feeling ;) It's way better than running after someone , who doesn't even like you.


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