I hate love. What to do when you see an ex and it sickens you?

Well I ran into my ex today. It sucked i said hi, we chatted for a min or too. Then I had to set down near the area he was at to eat. It was an awkward time for me, just wanted to stay busy and talk to my company with me. So we could finish eating then go to the entertainment area. He was in the entertainment area. Well my group finished eating and he was leaving the area we where going too. He said bye I waved bye. The entire time I just had the hot feeling in my face and neck, it sucked. I wanted to cry. I felt like I couldn't even enjoy anything. The food I had almost made me sick and I at enough to keep up apperences. Then at the entertainment I couldn't enjoy myself at all and was convinced that anthor girl was there waiting for him just because she left with her group and said we will go meet so-n-so at the restaurant. Not his name or his friends name. So for no reason I couldn't enjoy the entertainment just because he was there and other girls were in the same area he was, that woman probably didn't even know him. What the fuck is wrong with me? I think I must have been in love with him, why would love do this to a person. It sucks an now I feel like a crazy person. I don't mean any I'll will toward anyone. I just don't want to feel sick and enjoy my time. I just sucks ruined lunch, ruined entertainment all because I'm being a jackass. How do I get over this? I hate love apperently I don't find it very often but when I do I really fall into a cliff of "love" rocks...
I think cupid maybe one of the arch angels sent to hell with Lucifer. Made just to torment people.


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  • Lol... you at least had an ex. Try never having nobody go for you. There are a lot of people here who would love to have the privilege of an "ex". That said, I love too and I'm writing a metal song where I explicitly kill Cupid. Good times 🍻🎸


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