Do you think my ex will regret breaking up with me?

Basically, my ex went to a party 2 days ago and he got grinded on by a girl. He was drunk. He even knew it. He told me about it, and I got furious mad at him. It was a misunderstanding because he thought we weren't in a relationship. He just thought we were working things out. I yelled at him because I was mad. You don't even do that if you are thinking about a relationship! You feel me? Our fight became really bad to where he even admitted that he was sorry. He said that he would give me a chance to go grind on a guy.
He also verbally abused me. He yelled at me all the time. He put me down. He called me names. It became so bad to where my parents would hear me crying on the phone. He did so much.. I would sometimes look at him, and I feel like I was ugly. He would also complain with me when I am crying "STOP CRYING! GOD. IT'S SO ANNOYING."
He even was like "I regret having sex with you because all you do is complain, and you're so whiny. " But honestly, when we had sex.. There was a lot of love and passion. He knew it.

This guy.. He does not come from a good family. He gets in fights in school. He has anger issues. Etc.


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  • Sounds like he's not ready for a relationship based on the way he handled it but you really shouldn't get angry at the whole grinding thing if he was drunk. The problem is drinking. If your partner shows a pattern of not being able to control either himself or his drinking, you really need to question how much you are willing to put up with it.

    I recently made a similar mistake but I have since stopped drinking and partying. My problem wasn't wanting the other girl, my problem was getting too wasted.


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  • My boyfriend was the same way. Your still young you should leave while you can because it'll only get worse this sounds exactly like my situation. And I'm telling you it doesn't get better. He would always talk down on me and when I'm crying then it started to name calling then to ignoring me it's not fun. Trust me.


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  • Okay I know that you feel bad about his family situation but he's not a good boyfriend and you should leave him. No man worth having would ever put his girlfriend down and call her names and make her cry. Most girls go through a phase and date guys like this so please be smart, end it, and look for someone more mature.

    • You're right! When we were fighting, he would call me a B*** or a Liar. I was like "Again, verbal abuse.." Our fights were nonstop. Even in public, he compared me to other girls. I can go on with this verbal abuse. My sister even saw it. She did not like him when she first saw him. I played stupid.

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    • We already ended it about 2 days ago..

    • Alright, then you need to move on and stop wondering whether he will regret it or not. People like him almost always try to get their ex back but if he does, you definitely should not let that happen.

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