How do you make the guy you love want you back?

there was this boy I met at a football game last year. we exchanged numbers and started talking all the time. we clearly really liked each other, everything was going great. we go to know each other so fast. it was really great. after like the second month, things turned for the worst. and he stopped talking to me. things were really rough for me. I missed him so much. a month would go by and he'd come back to me...then stop talking to me after like three weeks. this went on for months. now we've been JUST friends for the past four months. I've liked him this whole time, I've only told him I did once, but I thought he wouldn't like me back because he never told me. then after a while I decided I would just tell him I was over it and didn't like anyone. including him. I miss him so much. and I want him so bad. I hate just being friends with him...i want so much more...what do I do?!


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  • did you get bck 2geather?


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