Did a second chance work for you?

Only answer if you have an experience that WORKED OUT FOR THE BETTER. Don't need any of you negative Nancy's and sour Sam's. See your way out. Did anybody have an experience where you and your significant other broke up for a long period of time and then started dating again? Did it work? Was the break good for yourself? Did you mature and grow in a way that made the relationship possible again?


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  • "Only answer if you have an experience that WORKED OUT FOR THE BETTER."

    Why bother asking the question then?

    • See your way out.

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    • I want positive experiences. I'm tired of people answering "it never works" "ex is an ex for a reason" blah blah. I'm asking for experiences not opinions

    • It sounds like you only want positive experiences so that you can justify getting back with an ex.
      Sometimes it works when you get back with an ex, sometimes it doesn't. Usually its the latter.

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  • It worked for us there for a while because I thought he had changed. It was amazing we almost lasted a year, its just his personality I couldn't handle.

    In my opinion sometimes breaks can do you really good to give you time to miss each other. So go ahead and give it a shot to see how it goes! :) I wish you very best on your relationship! ^.^


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  • Well, i was in a 5 month awesome relationship with this gorgeous chick. I ended it because i felt like i wasn't being supported. So we didn't talk for about 2 weeks. Then we started kind of talking and we both missed each other. So we were kind of together, and so she lead me on for about a month then super suddenly started dating my best friend. Soo.. it really depends on how much you know them and how they act if they can handle a second chance.


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