I broke up with my ex boyfriend but he still thinks we go together?

I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago because I found out he cheated on me. Or at least I think he cheated on me. It was a week after he found out I gave out my number to some guy when I was drunk. He told me the night that he cheated, he was getting homework help from one of his college classmates. The next morning, he told me his classmate needed a ride home (his car was in the shop that week) so when I got to his apartment, this hoe comes prancing out, so I flick the two off them off and speed off. The next day when he called me, I basically cussed him out and told him to never contact me again because it's really over this time. He tried to explain that the girl was only helping him with his homework, and ended up falling asleep at his place (he says that he "honestly" didn't do anything innapropriate with her), but I wasn't falling for that BS, so I told him that I meant it-I was through with him. He calls me like every single day to try to get me to believe him, and when I try to block his number, he calls me from random phone numbers!! A few days ago, he pleaded with me to go and have lunch with him just one time so we can talk about our problems. I finally give in and I go to lunch with him to see what he has to say. And you know what this idiot says when I first see him? "I miss you.. Have you been cheating on me". SERIOUSLY? I told him that "I am currently talking to other men, but that's not cheating because I'm not with you anymore!!!" Then he gets all mad and swears that he never cheated on me and says something along the lines of "You're supposed to be my girl! Not off cheating with other men.." I am NOT his girl!! He just doesn't get it!! How do I make him leave me alone?


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  • Sorry, but I think that he still loves you, because he had a reasonable answer to when you asked if he was cheating on you. Besides, if he likes the woman that he cheated you with, then maybe he would not try so hard getting you to be his girlfriend again. Just an opinion.

  • he's playing a stupid game with you trying to make you the victim. Just be strong a cheater doesn't deserve a second chance like comon how is someone going to fall asleep during a study session. So stupid


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