How to get over someone you see everywhere?

My girlfriend broke up with me over a month ago. Since then, we've kissed a few times and spent a whole day together once too. She's in my group of close friends so I've been seeing her a lot and it's killing me.

I've been trying to stay busy, do more exercise, hang with other people, work harder than ever, etc but I can't stop thinking about her :(

We didn't end up in bad terms and before that, I'd been thinking about proposing. It's hard to accept that it's over and all I think about is getting back together but I don't wanna say anything because she needs her space (we broke up because of some personal issues she has).

How can I get over her or how can I get back with her?

IMPORTANT: dont insult her or I'll block you
One of our friends is throwing a bday party this Saturday so we're obviously seeing each other again :/


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  • Since you guys have been kissing and seeing each other unintentionally, you will most likely end up getting back with her. Maybe she'll be the one to initiate getting back together. Do you know if she still has feelings for you? Maybe other people in your circle can tell you that. Good luck.

    • I asked her once, the first time we kissed and she said she was always gonna love me but that right now she can't love anyone in THAT way? I still don't know how to take that.

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    • No problem! :) hope all goes well with your situation. And I know its hard to say no to kissing, but you can always turn your face and just give a tap on the cheek. You are definitely caring way too much about her and she's not giving you the same respect back. I don't understand what she's getting by kissing you after you've broken up. It gives mixed signals, and she should know that. And you're right, you don't have to share amongst several people in your circle, but one person should be fine, whom your most close with.

    • I don't know. I think she's not dealing well with her problems. It's mostly because her dad has cancer and she's too stressed because of school, I don't know. I like to think she doesn't really want to break up but she's confused about everything that's going on right now?

      Thank you!

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