He dumped her for me, but when I said no, he asked out someone else?

He had a girlfriend but still "loved" me. But then he broke up with her and asked me out... I said no and he asked out someone else. What is so wrong with not wanting to date? And do you think he still likes me?


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  • "What is so wrong with not wanting to date?"

    - Nothing is wrong with not wanting to date. It's this man's choice to be in a relationship, and yours to not pursue relationships.

    "And do you think he still likes me?"

    - I think you shouldn't worry yourself about that, this guy seems like trouble- He has more prospective women than is "common" per se' to what is reasonable.

    Best regards,



What Girls Said 1

  • he left her for you, and would have left you for another one exactly as he did with his ex-G/F

    and then when you said no, he asked another girl out!

    would you feel secure with that type of a guy!, would you be safe with him?!

    well, I don't think so

    the one who left his girlfriend for you will leave you one day for another girl. you made the better decision, and don't panic whether he still care for you or not, you don't need someone you are not sure of what he wants to care about you

    you deserve the best :)

    good luck

    • You're assuming he's a bad person, it's not as simple as it seems.

      Whether or not it's a phase (I don't know because I'm still young) he is just attracted to a lot of different girls as do all guys from what I know.

      His girlfriend was probably not working well with him so he dumped her for you but then he got rejected so he moved on thinking that was that. After asking you out he is now without a girlfriend, so he moves on.

      He's not untrustworthy, he's just being a guy.

    • I don't assume he is bad

      but at this stage in his life he's not ready 2 b committed in a true relationship.

      no girl will feel secure with some1 who isn't emotionally stable like that, he gotta 've stronger feelings 2 his girlfriend or even to the girl he wanted to date after his break up but he doesn't 've any of it.

      & until he knows exactly which girl is the ONE he wants to stay with, no girl 'll feel secure & safe.

      he is not being untrustworthy, nor being a guy he's being a teenager & that's his excuse

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