Girls, what is going on with my ex?

So me (m24) and my ex girlfriend (f20) broke up almost 2 months ago... she broke things off because we kept fighting over her struggling to show emotion sometimes (since the beginning of the relationship) and me becoming insecure and jealous all the time (it started the last few weeks the relationship). I love her even after 2 months of the breakup and the first month of me actually giving the no contact rule so we both can cool down and mainly so I can stop being insecure.

The breakup was rough for me and even after trying to fix things she just wanted me gone, she would later on be the person that would do anything to hate me or give me any additude. The only issue with that is that we work together so it's kinda difficult.

But a few days ago my friend told me when I walked into the break room for a milisecond to grab my lunch and my ex was in the room with my friend... he said that she froze the whole time I was in the room and quickly cleaned her stuff up and bolted out of the room.

What could that mean? She dumped me, she wanted nothing to do with me, why would she act like this if she didn't want the relationship?


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  • These could be a sure sign of her Not wanting to encounter Any Awkward situations being That... The breakup was rough for me and even after trying to fix things she just wanted me gone...
    You may find sticky Situations at hand where she will act childishly like this so you may as well expect it. However, Begin your own Beguine of licking your war wounds and go slow in the future with getting into Any relationship and just start out as Friends. This way you cans nurse and nurture a nice friendship and learn if you can at least get along without locking horns over 'Her struggling to show emotion sometimes.'
    Good luck. xx


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  • I understand how you are feeling! Working together make this 10 times worse. She is young so I'm sure that has to do with her freezing up. She clearly has some issues getting over the relationship. The truth is you can only hate someone as much as you love them. Have you tried to sit her down and have an honest conversation about it? If not I would start with that!

  • Showing emotions is hard! Of course it takes an emotional toll on you, but it doesn't mean they do not care. I'm awful at showing people how I feel and I've been in relationships where I made the other person miserable because I couldn't show how I felt like a normal person so I left knowing I couldn't change it even though I tried. It didn't mean it didn't hurt, but the easiest thing to do was avoid them at all costs.

  • I think she's hurting from the break-up, she's also probably embarrassed due to all the drama and you knowing her issues she might feel a bit vulnerable. This is why they say don't date a co-worker, you say you love her so hopefully it turns out for the better. I think she's having a hard time dealing with this and might be humiliated/thinking that you're talking about her business with other co-workers. We tend to worry about things like this sometimes. Maybe let her know that your business is between you two, and that you still care. I think she'll appreciate that at the very least.

    • Thank you for your opinion, the main reason for me not talking to her is because not only do I want to get back in track with myself... but I know she needs time to calm down and lose at least some of the anger she has so hopefully things could change, and hopefully she could take me sayin that i DO care for her well being. It may have been a rough end but the relationship did have amazing parts and hopefully we could just start from new and work from there

    • Maybe she's too caught up in her own feelings/thoughts to consider it, or she might be doing the same for you. Starting from new sounds like your best chance at having her and being happy, so I hope you get what you want. :)

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