How to deal with my ex having a new girlfriend?

We dated for two years, he's 25 and basically I was his only serious relationship ever. He had several flings, he dated some girls for a few weeks, but he always was scared of commitment. He fell in love for the first time when we started dating, and his friends and family all told me they had never seen him like this. When he told me he loved me, I was the first girl he had ever said it to. His friends all love me because they felt like I made him happier than he had ever been. I was the first and only girl he opened up to about his problems and the only person he could talk to when he needed to.

When we broke up 5 months ago, I never thought he'd start dating anyone else any time soon. Knowing him, I thought it would take him years to start dating again after getting hurt. But several weeks ago, I started seeing him with a new girlfriend on social media. He took her to a wedding, and I even saw snapchats of them in bed on a Sunday morning. All of the stuff we use to do and more. She changed her profile pic to a pic of both of them.

And it's driving me crazy. I can't stand to see them together, I can't stand the fact that he's serious about her. I feel so insignificant to him now. I knew I still loved him but I learned to live with it, but this I did not expect. And everytime they pop up in my newsfeed, it ruins my day. I feel like we broke up all over again, and I'm really heartbroken.

Any advice? :(


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  • First of all I want to say that I am so sorry! Sometimes breakups feel as if someone has died. I'm not going to say I know how you feel but I can relate. I was with a guy for four years and when we broke up I felt as if I couldn't breath. I was so hurt I could physically feel it. A couple days later he was in a whole new relationship with a girl and they seemed so happy. And that just added pain to injury. After being together for three months he got engaged to her (they've been together about 7 months now) and for so long I asked myself why I was never good enough. Breaking up with someone you were in love with is hard. Which is why I'm just going to tell you this; its okay to be hurting as much as you are hurting. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary because it makes you so much more human. And although I can't promise that it will get better soon I can tell you that it will... eventually. For now, all you can do is take your time. Take all the time you need. You're going to come out stronger bc of this experience. Just know that You are worth pursuing. You are loved. You are worth it. Wait for someone who knows that. And if ever you don't feel loved know that Jesus loves you. He really really loves you.


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  • First of all he's just moving on with his life, like you should be doing.

    If seeing him on social media is the problem then you take him off your snapchat unfriend him or block him so you don't have to see it anymore, simple as that. Some people just move on faster than others.

  • First Realize he's gone and over you

    Seconds he's NOT comming back

    thrid DELETE him from social media or anyone of his family to avcoid seeing these things

    - Delete all pictures and text mesaages between you and him

    - don't listen to sad romantic music

    - He was NOT the one, actually NO ONE is the one, that doesn't exist.

    - Go out with your female friend and have a blas

    - do NOT get a rebound


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  • With you both having 'Broke up 5 months ago,' he may have started Out with a Rebound Rebecca, where he turned to someone Quickly because he needed someone Fast in his life and She fit the bill, I am betting my last dollar.
    He probably is finding Something special in her that he never found in you or else you Used to possess along the way but lost. He is doing all the 'Stuff we used to do and more' because he may be in some way, be replacing her with a replica of you in his own weird way, and in Essence... Is having his cake and eating it two.
    You know now he has moved on so with that being said, time to put this bed, and begin a beguine for yourself of also Moving forward. Go slow with your flow and don't jump into anything feet first because it may not work out like His did, where it is knowledge all Over... Newsfeed.
    As far as That goes, do yourself a favor so you can start fresh without any Town Criers... Block any media site you can see the newbie couple on so you can go on with Ease to Please You with No... Driving me crazy.
    This is only causing you more heartache and heartbreaks which will not help heal any war wounds you are trying to lick, they just stick. It will always 'Feel like we broke up' because you will always be broken with seeing them together, with every snap, crackle And... Pop up.
    Good luck. xx

  • Have you tried talking to him? If what you guys had was real she's most likely just a girl he's using to try to get over you. But don't convince yourself of that completely because it's only likely. If you want to talk to him, which is what I suggest, do it in person! That way you can see his facial expressions & reactions to how you feel.

    • Don't be scared to tell him how you feel, because its always better to get that weight off your shoulders. You don't want to always question yourself "what if" all that matters is you tried. Hope for the best but don't have to big of expectations!

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    • @kidaniscortes you can't be over someone you love? Just because it was easy for you to get over the girl you "love" doesn't mean every other guy/person is the same. It doesn't hurt to try was my point anyways.

    • Yes it would because homeboy seems over her. He hasn't contacted her in fivemonths and now has a girlfriend the last thing on this guys head is the OP

  • just avoid everything about him because your just torturing yourself. even you two had an amazing relationship, he has a new girlfriend already.

  • sorry for what you've been through but you should care anymore about what your ex is doing... he should form part of your past and you should move on


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