How can someone be friends after a break up?

From dating for 5 years to breaking up and trying to be friends, I knew we both probably dont belong together. I realized it when she said "Sometimes I wish I wasn't in love with you." She broke up with me because I couldn't get my goals together in the time we were together. Found out from her she is dating a guy who seems like a nice guy and is successful in his endeavors. We dated for 5 years and she wanted friends with benefits after 3 years to basically not feel bad for dating other people while we dated. She said I was amazing but couldn't support her financially and meet the goals I said I would like getting my career on track. How did she move on so quickly after only 1 month of the official break up?

She said she might even move to his town because she can't do long distance relationship anymore. Even though he farther away, and this only after 3 months.

It is true I am in love with her deeply but know that we aren't compatible. So what can I do to stop feeling so pathetic and make the change necessary to better myself? How did she just move on?

They are officially a couple now, and the guy doesn't trust me. I purposely stopped doing anything because I'm respecting the boundaries.
I will say she did support me when I was jobless, picked me up when my car broke down, even fed me when my family couldn't help. I have no bad things to say about her because there is no point.

Life I guess just teaches lessons you need to know for the future. Thank you for all your support everyone!


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  • She might have been making up some excuses in order to not hurt your feelings. Sounds like you might need to move away from her and find someone new. Maybe try concentrating on yourself for a bit.

  • Why are you in love with this girl? She has done nothing but put you down! This is the 21st century you dont need to financially support her, she should get off her backside and support herself like every other girl on the planet.

    She sounds like a materialistic, judgmental, horrible person who was using you until something better came her way and whats more is for 2 years you allowed her to date other guys!! What were you thinking hun? This girl is bad news. I hope you move on, get all your ducks in a row and then let her see what she missed out on.

    Basically she wasn't prepared to support you to get your career on track, she just wanted someone rich already. You know this is wrong and I am sorry you feel you love her but you can do 500 x better!!!


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