Do cheaters in a pre marital relationship change after marraige?

Can they be trusted? as many people believe that people change and one should not judge a person from his/her past.
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  • if you are with someone and you cheat on them and then you marry them, this is asking for trouble. Cheaters are usually cheating because of a fear of settling down or being with the person they are with... Why would you marry someone who feels this way? They will only use the marriage to trap you and continue cheating so you cannot leave as easily. Divorce is a horrible thing to go through (been there and done that) so never think 'i can just divorce them' before getting married if you are unsure. A divorce often costs more than the wedding, its stressful and i dont recommend them!

    • Thank you for your clear and cut answer... similarly if a girl had many partner"s before marraige and casual hook ups can they be trusted to be a good partner?

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    • as in when you meet the one... the one who changes how you think, the one you would never want to lose... if they cheat on a person they are meant to marry then they are not the one for them.

    • Thank you so much... for clearing my doubts..:)

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  • I believe in Entropy. People change but it is usually for the worse.


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  • Not Always, it is Rare. If they Cheated on you before because as you see you are both hooked at the hip with no ring, then surely it can and many times Continue After... The honeymoon.
    Good luck. xx

  • i don't think so... once a cheater always a cheater


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