Guys, Will my ex love me again?

My boyfriend broke up with me after he proposed and then started to analyse our relationship and concluded that he wasn't happy. He has depression and he said that he felt I didn't cope with it well and as well as this I became too clingy and possessive. We went through a lot together as we dated for 3 years and so when I composed myself, we met up and he agreed that if we take things slow he will give me another chance. He said that it's difficult for him as he, despite finding me attractive and being "fond" of me, found the relationship aspect severely flawed as there was no environment of which he felt he could share how he really felt. I have apologised and we have since met up and hung out as a couple twice. We are refraining from sex to keep a clear head although we kissed a few times. We just cuddle and watch TV, play games and chat. I became a bit of a psycho near the end constantly texting and calling him so I have now tried to text and wait till he replies (sometimes this can be more than a day) and I just accept that and don't harass him. However, he says for the time being he wants us to remain a secret because he can't handle any more complication coming from his mates questioning him. Do you think this is dodgy or could we work?


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  • so seems like he needs some space a little bit, but i wonder y he proposed and then just break-up? give u hope maybe?

    anyway guess he might give u another chance if u tone down da frequency of textin... how often do u do it?

    • Now I send him one text a day and that's it. Before we would text for a couple of hours

    • that's good then... but if he's still avoidin u then guess he doesn't want to give u another chance much..

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