My ex has sent me a friend request on facebook what to do?

My ex boyfriend has sent me a friend request on facebook but we broke up 6-7 months ago and he was really horrible to me when it ended and hurt me alot! And I've told him before I don't want to be friends with him! My life is going great atm as I've just got back from a holiday with friends, my job is good and my social life is great! Do I ignore the request or message him to tell him I don't want us to be friends?


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  • Ignorance is the worst insult. If you message him, he'll just try and come up with some lame excuse. Trust me, I've been there. Just decline the request so he won't be able too add you again.

    • Ok thanks! He's tried adding me before but I've always pressed "reject" or "ignore" do you know if there's a way I can stop him from adding me again?

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    • Because that's the only way he'll never send you a friend request, unless he makes a new account which if he does, screams desperate.

    • Okay yeah ill do that now! I'm just getting sick of this :L But thank you for your help!

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  • Messaging someone and saying , " I don't want to be friends " seems rather pointless to me.
    Just carry out the action of not responding if that's the way you feel.

    You seem as if you don't know what to do about this entire thing.
    I think you should leave his response and not click ignore.
    Give yourself time to think and then accept his request.
    You can at least hear what he has to say if it means that much to you.
    But definitely do not make him interfere with your life because it seems to be going great


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  • Just keep ignoring him for now.
    You might change your mind down the road when your well over him and have found better.
    But just completely ignore him at the moment, keeps the drama to a minimum too

  • Then ignore it. It was you that was hurt


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