Should I wish my ex happy birthday?

I can't stop thinking about him. I'm in a relationship currently and I have ignored the emails he's sent me for months, but I miss him for some reason and wonder how he's doing. I was thinking of just enailing him a happy birthday message. I don't know if this would be useless, because I know I can never date him again.
Well I also was in an abusive relationship with the guy for a year and a half, so I can never be with him again. He did VERY sick things behind my back and now that my hate for him has subsided I'm starting to see the sweet memories again. He's very bad for me, and I don't know if Im thinking about him because I'm psychologically messed up and drawn to his instability, or if my current relationship isn't making me happy


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  • Of course you should. If you can't stop thinking about him why ignore him? Just shut the fuck up and get him back in your life. You'll be fine lol I think you should ask him out again lol!

    • I forgot to mention he was abusive for two years, so I can never date him again unless I'm wiling to self-destruct.

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    • He prostituted people for sex, dealt drugs, fucked me up in the head because of everything he did. Now he won't stop conacting me - he just did actually, just now, so i feel weird moving on and out of place with my current relationship.

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  • ... I have ignored the emails he's sent me for months...
    Although with you being in a 'Relationship currently' here, dear, with you not being able to 'Stop thinking about him,' it would seem you may Not be totally contented in your relationship at hand with this man. Perhaps you got into it too quickly and now, even after the split, you are finding you can't seem to forget About... The other half.
    Your closure very may well be in this 'Happy birthday message,' and by sending it, you may find out more than you Wished for or Even.. Hoped for. He may respond to where he wants to meet up so be prepared that it could be a Surprise to your eyes that you are Not ready for or may have expected.
    However, you could push a button also in another way that may save your day, just food for thought. Tell him happy Birthday and that you are doing fine, you have someone special and you wish him well.
    It's your call, your choice if you want to say Anything of this nature. But with 'I miss him,' as the old saying goes and still Does: Be careful for what you wish for.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You have to emotionaly get over him... work on That first... but dont wish him a happy birthday its not worth your time.

  • No you should not wish him a happy birthday. It's over. It's time to move on

  • U seem as if you're not over him.
    Bad news for your boyfriend.
    Was he the rebound guy?


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