Accept loss and remain friends or try to use NC to get him back?

Hey again. I've asked advice about this ex millions of times, and still here I am, left confused.

Sooo, long story short: 5 and a half year relationship (15-21 y. o) broke up but never stopped speaking to each other. This is mainly because ex called every 1-2 mths to check on me, and here we are 2 years later.

Now, although he broke up with me in a coward ass way and I've been hurt by his actions during our break up (no actions to deliberately hurt me... just experiencing the rebound and stalking of the facebook, *eye roll at self*) he has always been here for me whenever I may need him (serious issues i. e. recent sexual assault & sister going to jail) or even rare times when I just wanna talk.

I want him back. I mean, I've always wanted him back but Im finally getting tired of "waiting." So, as some of you probably read before, I was considering cutting off contact, but with him being my best friend, this is hard (I'm dramatic, so I was telling him forever and he was asking me "why wouldn't we ever speak again?" and trying to explain to me that we'll probably end up talking again).

I am now faced with the dilemma of accepting that we probably won't get back together if I continue a friendship with him or cutting off my best friend just for the possibility that he'll come back.

A part of me feels like: since we've remained a consistent part of one another's lives, me cutting him off will open his eyes to what life is like without me (fully) and he'll come back with time.

But then, the other part feels like: if I keep the friendship going, he'll eventually find someone else (not just a rebound, but someone he actually cares to share his life with) and I'll be pushed to the wayside or cut off, myself. This ends up making me feel like, I may lose him either way so I might as well keep the friendship until it expires.

I don't know guys, just looking for some insight, advice, suggestions, whatever.


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  • Nah dont cut him off if you still want to be friends.


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