Why am I feeling like this? (Break up & Getting over or numb)?

So I broke up with an ex about 2 months ago...
I can't stop thikning about him 24/7 BUT I dont feel anything. It's so weird... like I want to just burst out when Im listening to sad songs, but that rarely happens. Like I want to FEEL something but I feel almost nothing. But I just miss him because I can't stop thikning about him...

But yet... I dont feel a huge amount of pain.
Or any pain really.

What is this? Have you ever experienced something like this?
Am I not really in love and my brain just wants to think that I am? Help!!


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  • You're really not in love.

    • Really? How come I can't stop thinking about him then? :(

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    • I'm feeling everything you're feeling right now and I just feel so depressed because I don't want to hurt him. I noticed myself doing that too... Always constantly feeling angry or annoyed around him... And then I feel like shit because I knew deep down he didn't do anything to me. I sometimes secretly wish he broke up with me because I don't have the heart to do it. What do I do?

    • Omgg girl haha. I have no idea what you should do... I guess being honest would be the only way out but its gonna be so much pain and heartache and ughhh i can't imagine. :S LOL we are both in similar situations but honestly nothing you can do really because i understand that u dont wanna hurt him. Not telling him and telling him would hurt him... And u will probably lose him as a friend too both ways :( Im sorry that ur in this mess.

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