I did something bad..is it forgivable?

I messaged my boyfriend's ex asking if she beat him (because that is what he told me) she said that she had gotten the same question from many different girls and no, she did not beat him and doesn't know why he keeps telling people this, meaning what he told me was a lie. Turns out he beat her, apparently and that he also went to jail for it (this is true). So I did this behind my boyfriends back anonymously and he found out about it but doesn't know it's me (I think?) I actually have no idea because he hasn't talked to me for the past 24 hours...so I think he found out and is mad and or embarrassed? Is it really that bad that I did this? I just wanted the truth that he was not telling me, but I'm afraid it wasn't exactly my business persey but I AM dating him and I think I have a right to know. What do you think I should do? He hasn't messaged me or called me in 24 hours, and I'm very worried that he won't at all...

He called and messaged me today. I didn't pick up nor message back. He said "when your done being mad call me" then told me he loved me...if he loved me he should have messaged me sooner..i feel like this cycle is just going to keep happening.


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  • uh, you definitely have a right to know if he has done something like that to a previous girl if you're with him now and he wasn't being upfront with you (which is understandable considering what he did...don't think anyone would actually want to say they did that)

    i wouldn't bring it up unless he does, maybe you could try texting him to say what's up? how are you? if he did find out he may be embarrassed and wants a little time to put that feeling behind him


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  • hang on a second... so he lied to you but you're the one worried about being forgiven because you found out the truth? next you'll be telling us that you want to initiate contact and ALSO apologise... hmmm, think again, love.

    • "when you're done being mad at me..." how's that for an apology? what is wrong with men?

      don't text back. leave it. he knows he's in the wrong so at least now you shouldn't feel bad about sneaking around to get the truth. I don't even think you should hear him out. I mean what of person twists a story like that? it shows a lack of responsibility on his part for beating his ex. I bet he'kk say she provoked him. if he does, get out of this relationship.

    • Yeah the fact that he assumed I was mad just incriminated him. He's called me 4 times now, and every single one was ignored. He even sent me a text saying "ok youve proved your point"...no..no I don't think I have. He is so....ugh! He won't apologise either, but as far as I'm concerned this relationship is over and quite frankly he doesn't deserve a response at at.


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