How to get over someone?

Abit less then a month ago I stopped seeing a guy I was really falling for. I don't completely know what happened we had an argument and I said something I regretted and when I apologised he said it was okay but we haven't been the same since.. Anyway but I've been focusing on myself ans have felt pretty okay most days with moments of sadness but I had a first date with a new guy and had a second date with that guy last night to distract myself. The first date was fun and I didn't think of the my ex at all. Then last night was a disaster I became extremely anxious and couldn't stop thinking about him and I was missing him so much and had to cut dinner short and leave
I ended things with this guy from last night and told him I don't think I'm ready to date and explained what happened.

I miss him so much and can't seem to move on. Any tips would help :(
Your welcome :)
How do I PM you?
It's seriously horrible especially when he's still using a social media to contact me which is telling me he's not over me either. It's so hard when I don't know what to do I can't fight for someone who won't fight back :(


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  • Wow... I had something really similar going on about a month ago. It hurts!!

    For me, it took a combination of:
    - Gym
    (4 to 5 days a week, or step up the intensity of your workouts)

    - Music
    (whether sad, angry, upbeat, or whatever)

    Setting/ updating my goals
    (career, fitness, getting my ideal body, etc)

    - Write in a journal (I have one online)
    (write about the sad feelings, the times when you feel better, and most importantly the things you didn't like about your ex - be honest. These are the things that you may have overlooked when you first started dating because you were in the "honeymoon phase." But be honest with yourself.

    - Talking with family and friends
    (they should be supportive, and even thought they will be biased toward you it will feel good having someone in your corner and knowing you're not alone)

    - FINALLY: Meeting someone new who is a better fit you
    (this isn't a rebound, but someone who you genuinely connect with at a friendship level, who you are attracted to physically, and who maybe can teach you something or make you want to be an even better person)

    As context, I did meet some people after breaking up with my ex, but I still couldn't stop thinking about him... Until I met my current boyfriend. And within a week I went from feeling miserably sad and like I ruined my chance at having a real love to feeling almost grateful that things ended with my ex, because he wasn't really right for me.

    Curiously, what was it you said that you regretted? By the way, that was mature of you to be so honest with the new guy

    • Thank you so much they are awesome ideas! I guess I rushed into a date in hopes of him numbing my sadness.
      Our communication that week was absolutely terrible and regretfully I said that he doesn't make me happy and I'm going to find someone who will etc
      So I think that despite him saying he forgives me I think he's still hurt even though I honestly didn't mean it.
      It's so stupid I just have this feeling that it's not over and I need to let that go or I'll never move on

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    • Omg oops I updated my question thinking I was replying to you!
      How do I PM you?
      My response is in my updated question haha oops

    • Oh - are you not able to PM me using my user name Janice25? I welcome any other questions you have, or if you just want to talk :) Believe me girl, I've been there!!

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  • Best way to get over someone, is to get under somebody else.

  • I have a lame thing on my mind but it might help, listen to i will survive by gloria gaynor. i really hope it helped.


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