My ex keeps talking behind my back?

I have been dating this boy on and off for a year. I think I really did fall in love with him. We really cared about each other for a long time, and he has said and done stuff for me that no other guy has done. But at the end of the year, we both just wanted different things, so we ended it mutually, although it was me who brought it up. We had no contact for a while, which was really rare for us since the longest we had gone without talking for a year was probably about a week or two. Anyway, I was getting over him. He called me after about a month, and I told him I didn t want him anymore, even though I still really did miss him-- i was just trying to do what s best for me. After that, he started saying a lot of crap behind my back. At first I tried to ignore it, but now it s really gotten to me. He told my friends that he has no feelings for me at all, and that we will never ever get back together again. He said that I am "sloppy" and that he deserves much better. He has said on many occasions that I was just a "hoe" and an "easy hook-up" (yet we were together for a year?) He s also said that I was not his type and ugly. I m feeling really shitty about myself. Why has he said these things? Did he think these things about me the whole relationship? Should i say something to him?


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  • Why are you still obsessing over him, just move on.


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  • He sounds like he's upset and he's dealing with it with immaturity.


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