Could my brother be lying?

We recently got back together but what bothers me is he told me last week his ex called him up asking for money. Then he told me another one of his exes showed up at his house at 1 am. Then just yesterday he said his ex who he was with for 7 years and was engaged to contacted him saying she regrets cheating and wishes she would have stayed with him. by the way when she cheated on him she got pregnant by that guy and is still with him.

Yesterday he told old me that he "needed to find himself again" which to me seems like he wants to end things again with me could it be because of the exes changed his mind about me. Should I just walk away from him now.
Not my brother my boyfriend dumb auto correct lol


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  • Walk away? He's your bro!

    • I meant my boyfriend dang auto correct

    • Okay. I was wondering if this was an incest situation lol...

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